More than 130 exhibitors already registered to build and maintain road infrastructure

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Three months before its opening, Interoute&Ville 2016; the major event in the calendar of the European road infrastructure and mobility community has already registered more than 130 exhibitors.

This segmented offering will be augmented by talks and the presentation of the work of IDRRIM (French Institute for Roads, Streets and Infrastructure for Mobility) in crucial subject areas for the infrastructure community: maintenance and management of transport infrastructure assets, non-destructive or cost-efficient inspection methods, recycling, etc.


A specialist trade show going to the heart of industry issues

The show will once again be welcoming a great many leading industry names who continue to remain loyal to the exhibition: Eiffage Infrastructure, Colas, Eurovia, etc., alongside other market leaders from key sectors such as:

-     High performance and innovative equipment to produce asphalt, lay materials, maintain networks and roads, etc. with Fayat, Wirtgen, Acmar, Atlas Copco, Volvo, Ammann, etc.;

-     Smart infrastructure through the presentation of tests performed by leading contractors such as Colas, systems relating to energy transfer, self-analysis, traffic regulation, geo-positioning solutions and other intelligent transport solutions monitored by expert organisations such as IFSTTAR, CITILOG - Eco-Compteur - Itech – Vaisala – HIKOB, etc.;

-     Low environmental footprint materials and other processes aiming to recover waste or reduce energy consumption, developed by major materials producers: 6D Solutions, BASF France, Lafarge, Total Marketing, PR Industrie, etc.


A major congress

For the third year running, the IDRRIM congress will be held in conjunction with Interoute&Ville. Spread over two days - 14 and 15 June -  the event expects to welcome more than 800 delegates and 76 speakers, all coming together to share insight and experience around the central theme of “essential innovative infrastructure committed to the energy transition”.

Reflecting the key challenges faced by the market, the congress’ talks and presentations will deal with road asset maintenance and management, recycling with projects MURE and RECYBETON, low environmental impact roadbuilding techniques such as cold mixes, equipment for 5th generation roads, smart infrastructure and connected mobility, etc.

List of exhibitors by segment as at 29/03/2016:

-       Design and Build road infrastructure with:

  • Building contractors: Bitume Armé routier, Colas, CTP, Concept Travaux Publics, Delta Bloc France, Eiffage Infrastructures, Eurovia Management, Fareco, Fayat, Division Matériel Routier, Marini-Ermont SAE, Neovia, Plaisance Équipements, Secmair.
  • Equipment manufacturers: Acmar, Ammann, Atlas Copco, Controls, Grollemund Laboroutes Instruments, Lindqvist International, Liqson, MCA BV, Merlo TRE EMME, Reimer, ABO Distribution, Schaefer Technic, Tyrolit, Volvo, Wirtgen,.
  • Materials producers: 6D Solutions, BASF, CIMBETON, Farcimar, Ingevity Europe, Lafarge, Nidaplast, PR Industrie, Porviteq, Reaktiv Asphalt, SAV Routes, Shell Bitumes, Tensar International, Total Marketing France.
  • Utilities machinery manufacturers: Bugnot, Pajot Enfonce Poteaux/Pieux, Rabaud.

-       Maintain and operate based on solutions for:

  • Urban and open road wayside maintenance: Claas, DCMA, AFR France, Forges Gorce, IFC Hydraulique, EFDEB, Liftplaq, Naturagriff, Noremat, Oeliatec, Rousseau, Rugotech, MSA Faucheux, Valorhiz.
  • Winter maintenance : AEBI Schmidt, Arvel, Boschung, Cirrios, Europe Service, Lufft/OTT France, Météo France, Météogroup, Quadrimex, Sels, Rectif 15 000, Rock, Zoutman.
  • Inspection bodies: GEOS Laboratoires.
  • Engineering: Denso France, Geomax, Vectra.
  • Measuring tools: Controlab, Geoloc Systems, Leica Geosystems
  • Operating and maintenance services: Immergis, Logiroad, Mulag, Tritech Hydraulique.

-       Equip in terms of:

  • Signage and safety: ADS Equipements, Borum Industri, Catway, Coremat, Distriroute, EHS, Jetline, Magaritelli Esterni Eterni, Passage, Potters Europe, Rondino, Signature, Solars Signs Sovitec, Tertu Equipements, Ubi-Sign.
  • Intelligent transport systems: Citilog, Eco-Compteur, Itech, Logiciel Alize Routes, Vaisala.
  • Connected technology and communicating systems: Business Geografic, Covadis-Geodomia, Geomensura SAS. 

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